Competition CLutch Stage 4 Ford Focus ST/RS mk3

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Stage 4 Sprung – Strip Series 1620 Clutch Kit decicated to Ford Focus ST/RS mk3 (MMT6 gearbox). This assembly, available with a six puck sprung plate is good for penetrating engagement with higher horsepower applications. This disc complimented by a performance pressure plate provides up to 250% increase in torque capacity. 300 mile break-in recommended with this set-up. The 1620 Series kit includes a performance pressure plate, a 6 puck torque sprung disc with Ceramic buttons.


We strongly recommend to use reinforced synchro replacement kit:



  • Disc Material: 6 paddle Ceramic, 4 spring
  • Disc Style: Sprung Hub & Rigid Hub
  • Flywheel Included:  Yes
  • 6-paddle sprung disc with cerametallic friction material
  • Flywheel weight : 8.8 kg
  • Max torque capacity : 722 Nm (425lb ft)
  • Made in the USA by Competition Clutch
  • Torque Capacity:
    Up to 250% increase at the wheels, depending on application
  • Disc Material: 6 paddle Ceramic, 4 spring
  • Parnumber: 7248-1620