Nutron Toyota GR Yaris / GR Corolla HandBrake Mod1 Alu

  • Code: MOTO85
  • Manufacturer: Nutron
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  • $168.35


For those who are looking for better usage of GR Yaris or GR Corolla handbrake. Two ways of working: ratchet and ratchet less. Beautiful design, made from CNC aluminium.



This product is manufactured and supplied for show use only and are not to be used on motor vehicles operated on public roads or other areas. We will not be liable for any injuries, death or property damage caused by the operation of any motor vehicle and/or the use this product.

The installation of any aftermarket part on your motor vehicle may void or otherwise adversely affect your factory warranty and/or insurance.


  • same shape and size as OEM handbrake,
  • keeps functionality of OEM handbrake,
  • two modes of working (OEM / Rally),
  • one version for RHD and LHD,
  • made from aluminium, powder coated,
  • fast and easy installation,
  • fits: Toyota GR Yaris / Toyota GR Corolla.