Nutron Garrett G25 Oil Lines P&P Set FF RS3

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If you are Ford Focus RS mk3 owner ready for a big turbo installation and you choose one of the best option in the market which is Garrett G25-550 or G25-660 (internal WG) turbo, you are in a right place. Here you have an oil lines P&P set developed by us in a one very important purpose - to free yourself from pain in the ass process of figuring out how to connect this turbo to oil's inlet and outlet.

Nutron Pro Moto brings you complete Plug and Play set which includes all necessary forged lines, connectors, gasket and special aluminum CNC flange.


We recommend to buy turbo (exhaust elbow is included) from here:




This product is manufactured and supplied for show use only and are not to be used on motor vehicles operated on public roads or other areas. We will not be liable for any injuries, death or property damage caused by the operation of any motor vehicle and/or the use this product.

The installation of any aftermarket part on your motor vehicle may void or otherwise adversely affect your factory warranty and/or insurance.



  • in and out forged oil lines,
  • CNC aluminum flange,
  • connectors and gasket,
  • Garrett G25-550 / G25-660 turbo compatible with (internal WG).