Nutron Ford Focus RS3 PTU Cooler

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Revolutionary AWD Cooling System for Ford Focus RS Mk3 – Nutron PTU Cooler.

The Ford Focus RS Mk3 is an incredibly popular and well-regarded sports car, but like any high-performance vehicle, it has its weaknesses. One of the biggest issues is the overheating of the drive systems during intense driving, especially on racetracks and special stages.

A common problem is the warning of AWD system failure and disconnection of the rear axle, which can be frustrating. The cause is the overheating of the front differential (PTU) due to insufficient cooling. As a result, the computer cuts off the rear drive to relieve the PTU and allow it to cool down.

Fortunately, this is now history. We have developed a unique and pioneering PTU cooling system that drastically improves performance. After three years of intensive research and testing, we present the Nutron PTU Cooler – an active AWD cooling system for the Ford Focus RS Mk3. It is the only product of its kind on the market, addressing the real needs of the car's owners who have been eagerly waiting for such a solution.


Key features of the Nutron PTU Cooler:

  • OEM engine cooling PTU terminator: Ensures an effective connection with the factory system,
  • Dedicated Bosch water pump: Guarantees reliable and efficient circulation of the cooling fluid,
  • High-performance fluid radiator: Effectively reduces the operating temperature of the differential,
  • Cooling fluid reservoir: Adequately sized to ensure continuous cooling,
  • Fluid system piping: Precisely fitted and durable,
  • Electrical installation with ON/OFF switch: Provides full control over the cooling system,
  • Horn relocation kit: Provides space for the new installation,
  • Various brackets for professional installation: Facilitate mounting and ensure system stability.

The pump starts and stops with the vehicle's ignition and also has an additional switch for complete shutdown or activation.

Ensure optimal cooling for your Ford Focus RS Mk3 and enjoy trouble-free driving even in the toughest conditions. This is the solution that Ford Focus RS Mk3 owners have been waiting for.


A Few Facts About the Ford Focus RS mk3 AWD System

The most crucial components of the AWD system in the Ford Focus RS mk3 are the front Power Transfer Unit (PTU) and the rear Rear Drive Unit (RDU). The most common cause of the AWD system going into limp mode is the overheating of oil in one of these units. During intense track driving, it is usually the PTU that overheats. To protect the PTU from further overheating, the car's computer cuts off the rear drive, thus reducing the load on the PTU and halting the oil overheating process.

Through extensive testing, we have determined that the RDU tends to overheat during intense drifting and donut spinning, known as gymkhana-style driving. Interestingly, the RDU does not have its own temperature sensor; instead, the virtual oil temperature is calculated based on the PTU temperature and driving intensity (steering angle, G-forces, throttle and brake operation, and wheel slip). We must admit that the virtual RDU temperature is calculated quite accurately, as we verified by installing an actual temperature sensor in the RDU.


Who Needs a PTU Cooler?

If you want to significantly extend the trouble-free operation time of the AWD system during track driving, an additional active PTU cooling system is what you need. However, if your primary goal is to perform more donuts, you will need to take a more comprehensive approach by also installing an active RDU cooling system and making software modifications to the RDU.


Installation Overview:

  • Remove the front bumper,
  • Remove the underbody panels beneath the bumper and engine,
  • Relocate the left horn,
  • Remove the pipes between the engine and PTU,
  • Close the coolant circuit to the PTU in the engine,
  • Install the water pump,
  • Install the water tank,
  • Install the radiator,
  • Connect the above components with coolant hoses,
  • Install electrical wiring and components,
  • Optionally, relocate the ON/OFF switch to the cabin.



This product is manufactured and supplied for show use only and are not to be used on motor vehicles operated on public roads or other areas. We will not be liable for any injuries, death or property damage caused by the operation of any motor vehicle and/or the use this product.

The installation of any aftermarket part on your motor vehicle may void or otherwise adversely affect your factory warranty and/or insurance.



  • Complete active cooling set for PTU,
  • Bosch liquid pump,
  • Dedicated liquid tank,
  • Liquid radiator,
  • Electrical installation with dedicated ON/OFF switch,
  • Complete piping,
  • Activated and deactivated by the car ignition,
  • Extends the trouble-free operation of the AWD system under track conditions,
  • Allows the installation of an additional oil cooler,
  • Does not require ECU reprogramming.